Works on Paper by Martin Beck
Beck's work reminds us that dream space is another geography,
besides the artist's studio, where nudity is right at home. AEQAI online 9-23-2017
VoyageChicago - The Thought-Provokers: Celebrating Artists & Creatives
Read: Art and Life With Martin Beck
Upcoming Exhibitions:
MS Rezny Gallery, pal•imp•sest: bearing traces of earlier forms, 2/19 - 3/30/2019.  Lexington, KY
Prince Street Gallery, Eleventh National Juried Exhibition, 1/2 - 1/26/2019. New York, NY
University of North Carolina, Asheville, 10th Annual Drawing Discourse, 1/18 - 2/22/2019.  Asheville, NC
Giles Gallery, Eastern Kentucky University, Chautauqua Exhibition, 1/22 - 2/15/2019.  Richmond, KY
INDA 13, Manifest Press 2019
Create Magazine, Winter 2019


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