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Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Figure Study- Hidden Story9/8/2018-10/21/2018.  Healdsburg, CA.     Group   checklist
Lexington Art League, The League: Members Exhibition9/14/2018-11/14/2018.  Lexington, KY.     Group   checklist
Barrett Art Center/Dutchess County Art Association, New Directions 201810/6/2018-11/17/2018.  Poughkeepsie, NY.     Group   checklist
ARC Gallery, Pride and Prejudice6/20/2018-7/14/2018.  Chicago, IL.     Group   checklist
Verum Ultimum Gallery, 5th Annual Living Mark Exhibition7/1/2018-7/30/2018.  Portland, OR.     Group   checklist
The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, 2018 National Juried Exhibition, Art and Fear6/1/2018-7/28/2018.  Cape Girardeau, MO.     Group   checklist
Studio Montclair Gallery, ViewPoints 20186/2/2018-8/16/2018.  Montclair, NJ.     Group   checklist
Purdue University Galleries, Drawing Resurfaced II11/13/2017-12/15/2017.  West Lafayette, IN.     Group   checklist
George Segal Gallery, Art Connections 1311/19/2017-12/15/2017.  Montclair, NJ.     Group   checklist
Verum Ultimum Gallery, Chasing Ghosts II: Art that Pierces the Veil through remembrance, legacy, and beyond10/28/2017-11/17/2017.  Portland, OR.     Group   checklist
Reece Museum, FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Social and Politically Engaged Art10/9/2017-12/15/2017.  Johnson City, TN.     Group   checklist
TAG Gallery, CA Open 20178/9/2017-8/26/2017.  Los Angeles, CA.     Group   checklist
Manifest Gallery, Nude8/18/2017-9/15/2017.  Cincinnati, OH.     Group   checklist
Lexington Art League, Demographically Speaking1/27/2017-2/18/2017.  Lexington, KY.     Group   checklist
Mill and Max Gallery, Figure Drawing: Two Views9/9/2016-10/16/2016.  Lexington, KY.     Two Person   checklist
Zephyr Gallery, Drawn to Bodies9/2/2016-10/22/2016.  Louisville, KY.     Group   checklist
Palette Gallery, Bodies8/3/2016-8/28/2016.  Asbury Park, NJ.     Group   checklist
Lexington Art League, Fourth Friday: A Figure Study1/22/2016-2/5/2016.  Lexington, KY.     Two Person   checklist
The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Incognito 20095/2/2009-5/2/2009.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
MMMart, medana.art pomlad 20094/18/2009-4/25/2009.  Medana, Slovenia.     Group   checklist
University of Pittsburgh Art Gallery, Department of Studio Arts Faculty Exhibition10/1/2008-11/21/2008.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Incognito 20085/3/2008-5/3/2008.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Incognito 20074/2/2007-4/29/2007.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon, 100% Centennial1/20/2006-3/5/2006.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
The Santa Monica Museum of Art, incognito 200512/10/2005-12/11/2005.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
Allegheny College Penelec - Bowman - Megahan Art Galleries, 8-Hour Drawings 9/6/2005-10/4/2005.  Meadville, PA.     Group   checklist
Artists Image Resource, The War Room10/15/2004-10/17/2004.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
Chamot Gallery, Modern Romance3/15/2001-4/29/2001.  Jersey City, NJ.     Solo   checklist
Discover Jersey Arts, Discover Jersey Arts Online Showcase2/1/2001-3/1/2001.  Trenton, NJ.     Solo   checklist
Hunterdon Museum of Art, New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship Exhibition 1999 & 200012/3/2000-1/28/2001.  Clinton, NJ.   catalogue  Group   checklist
Consolidated Arts at Historic Downtown S.I.D. Office Gallery, Black Drawings and Other Works9/25/2000-12/14/2000.  Jersey City, NJ.     Solo   checklist
Concept Gallery, 30 Curators2/10/2000-4/8/2000.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
City Without Walls, 18th Annual Metro Show11/1/1999-11/30/1999.  Newark, NJ.     Group   checklist
Mercer County Community College, Modern Romance1/9/1999-2/11/1999.  Trenton, NJ.     Solo   checklist
Museo de Art Moderno de la Republica Dominica, La Linea Dibujos Contemporaneos7/1/1998-8/30/1998.  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.   catalog  Group   checklist
Jersey City Museum, White3/11/1998-5/30/1998.  Jersey City, NJ.   Catalogue  Solo   checklist
Side Street Projects, Splice9/20/1997-12/15/1997.  Santa Monica, CA.   Catalog  Group   checklist
Bridge Cafe, In the Shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge9/26/1996-10/30/1996.  New York, NY.     Group   checklist
MMC, Figure and Symbol9/10/1996-10/12/1996.  New York, NY.     Group   checklist
Gallery 313, Sick Again6/28/1996-7/19/1996.  New York, NY.     Group   checklist
Anderson Gallery, X-Sightings5/17/1996-7/17/1996.  Buffalo, NY.     Group   checklist
Noyes Museum, 1994 - 1995 Fellowship Exhibition1/21/1996-3/24/1996.  Oceanville, NJ.   Catalogue  Group   checklist
David J. Brodsky Gallery, Recent Work9/26/1995-10/27/1995.  Princeton, NJ.     Solo   checklist
Birke Gallery, Recent Work9/1/1995-9/21/1995.  Huntington, WV.     Solo   checklist
The Contemporary Arts Center, Recent Work6/7/1995-8/6/1995.  Cincinnati, OH.     Two Person   checklist
Kunsthälle Hamburg, The Young Riders2/1/1994-3/1/1994.  Hamburg, Germany.     Group   checklist
The Contemporary Arts Center, The Figure as Fiction12/3/1993-1/23/1994.  Cincinnati, OH.   Catalogue  Group   checklist
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Group A7/24/1992-8/16/1992.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
Hewlitt Gallery, MFA Thesis Exhibition4/22/1992-7/29/1992.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Solo   checklist
Carson Street Gallery, Recent Work4/14/1992-4/20/1992.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Solo   checklist
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Art Beyond3/23/1991-4/21/1991.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
Bethune Gallery, Rumsey Scholar's Exhibition10/1/1986-11/20/1986.  Buffalo, NY.     Solo   checklist
The North Park, Two Printmakers2/1/1985-3/15/1985.  Buffalo, NY.     Two Person   checklist