asterix * indicates solo or two person exhibition
2019  * M S Rezny Gallery, Recent Work.  Lexington, KY.     Solo   checklist
2018   Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Figure Study- Hidden Story.  Healdsburg, CA.     Group   checklist
2018   Moon Gallery, Berry College, Blot.  Mt. Berry, GA.     Group   checklist
2018   Larkin Arts, National Juried Show.  Harrisonburg, VA.     Group   checklist
2018   Lexington Art League, The League: Members Exhibition.  Lexington, KY.     Group   checklist
2018   Barrett Art Center/Dutchess County Art Association, New Directions 2018.  Poughkeepsie, NY.     Group   checklist
2018   ARC Gallery, Pride and Prejudice.  Chicago, IL.     Group   checklist
2018   Verum Ultimum Gallery, 5th Annual Living Mark Exhibition.  Portland, OR.     Group   checklist
2018   The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, 2018 National Juried Exhibition, Art and Fear.  Cape Girardeau, MO.     Group   checklist
2018   Studio Montclair Gallery, ViewPoints 2018.  Montclair, NJ.     Group   checklist
2017   Purdue University Galleries, Drawing Resurfaced II.  West Lafayette, IN.     Group   checklist
2017   George Segal Gallery, Art Connections 13.  Montclair, NJ.     Group   checklist
2017   Verum Ultimum Gallery, Chasing Ghosts II: Art that Pierces the Veil through remembrance, legacy, and beyond.  Portland, OR.     Group   checklist
2017   Reece Museum, FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Social and Politically Engaged Art.  Johnson City, TN.     Group   checklist
2017   TAG Gallery, CA Open 2017.  Los Angeles, CA.     Group   checklist
2017   Manifest Gallery, Nude.  Cincinnati, OH.     Group   checklist
2017   Lexington Art League, Demographically Speaking.  Lexington, KY.     Group   checklist
2016  * Mill and Max Gallery, Figure Drawing: Two Views.  Lexington, KY.     Two Person   checklist
2016   Zephyr Gallery, Drawn to Bodies.  Louisville, KY.     Group   checklist
2016   Palette Gallery, Bodies.  Asbury Park, NJ.     Group   checklist
2016  * Lexington Art League, Fourth Friday: A Figure Study.  Lexington, KY.     Two Person   checklist
2009   The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Incognito 2009.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
2009   MMMart, pomlad 2009.  Medana, Slovenia.     Group   checklist
2008   University of Pittsburgh Art Gallery, Department of Studio Arts Faculty Exhibition.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
2008   The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Incognito 2008.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
2007   The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Incognito 2007.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
2006   Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon, 100% Centennial.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
2005   The Santa Monica Museum of Art, incognito 2005.  Santa Monica, CA.     Group   checklist
2005   Allegheny College Penelec - Bowman - Megahan Art Galleries, 8-Hour Drawings .  Meadville, PA.     Group   checklist
2004   Artists Image Resource, The War Room.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
2001  * Chamot Gallery, Modern Romance.  Jersey City, NJ.     Solo   checklist
2001  * Discover Jersey Arts, Discover Jersey Arts Online Showcase.  Trenton, NJ.     Solo   checklist
2001   Hunterdon Museum of Art, New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship Exhibition 1999 & 2000.  Clinton, NJ.   catalogue  Group   checklist
2000  * Consolidated Arts at Historic Downtown S.I.D. Office Gallery, Black Drawings and Other Works.  Jersey City, NJ.     Solo   checklist
2000   Concept Gallery, 30 Curators.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
1999   City Without Walls, 18th Annual Metro Show.  Newark, NJ.     Group   checklist
1999  * Mercer County Community College, Modern Romance.  Trenton, NJ.     Solo   checklist
1998   Museo de Art Moderno de la Republica Dominica, La Linea Dibujos Contemporaneos.  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.   catalog  Group   checklist
1998  * Jersey City Museum, White.  Jersey City, NJ.   Catalogue  Solo   checklist
1997   Side Street Projects, Splice.  Santa Monica, CA.   Catalog  Group   checklist
1996   Bridge Cafe, In the Shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.  New York, NY.     Group   checklist
1996   MMC, Figure and Symbol.  New York, NY.     Group   checklist
1996   Gallery 313, Sick Again.  New York, NY.     Group   checklist
1996   Anderson Gallery, X-Sightings.  Buffalo, NY.     Group   checklist
1996   Noyes Museum, 1994 - 1995 Fellowship Exhibition.  Oceanville, NJ.   Catalogue  Group   checklist
1995  * David J. Brodsky Gallery, Recent Work.  Princeton, NJ.     Solo   checklist
1995  * Birke Gallery, Recent Work.  Huntington, WV.     Solo   checklist
1995  * The Contemporary Arts Center, Recent Work.  Cincinnati, OH.     Two Person   checklist
1994   Kunsthälle Hamburg, The Young Riders.  Hamburg, Germany.     Group   checklist
1994   The Contemporary Arts Center, The Figure as Fiction.  Cincinnati, OH.   Catalogue  Group   checklist
1992   Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Group A.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
1992  * Hewlitt Gallery, MFA Thesis Exhibition.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Solo   checklist
1992  * Carson Street Gallery, Recent Work.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Solo   checklist
1991   Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Art Beyond.  Pittsburgh, PA.     Group   checklist
1986  * Bethune Gallery, Rumsey Scholar's Exhibition.  Buffalo, NY.     Solo   checklist
1985  * The North Park, Two Printmakers.  Buffalo, NY.     Two Person   checklist