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Figurative Art and Life Drawings, 1992 - 2022

2005 The Shooter.jpg
2005 The Shooter.jpg

Through my work, I strive to capture the shared human experience at its most essential level. My creations delve into emotions and concepts that resonate universally across languages and cultures. Even in times of adversity, I try to reveal fleeting moments of joy and transcendence that add grace to our existence. My art-making process mirrors the perpetual dance between order and chaos. Accidental forms and marks emerge by disrupting the still-wet paint or chalk, guiding subsequent layers and resulting in images that convey movement and stillness. Occasionally, remnants of previous layers surface and disturbing palimpsests emerge from earlier iterations, creating ghostly impressions.

In exploring the multifaceted nature of time through life drawing my artwork unravels its complex relationship with memory, existence, and the continuum of human experience. Time carries with it a tapestry of moments—each uniquely significant yet intrinsically connected to the threads of past and future. This temporal exploration allows for a reflection on how fleeting each moment feels woven together. Through the layering of materials and the interplay of color, light, and shadow, my pieces attempt to capture the elusive essence of time—its ability to be at once permanent and transient, shaping and reshaping our lives and perceptions.

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